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Looking to create more LOVE in your life? Are you continuously making unhealthy choices, repeating unwanted patterns and can’t seem to find your way to more positive outcomes? If this describes you in any way then the book Open Heart, Your Life Your Choice will guide you on a journey towards your own self discovery, leading you towards self-love and complete wellness spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Beautifully and warmly written, and filled with insights on each and every page, Open Heart, Your Life Your Choice can empower you to open your heart to love, leading to a life filled with more peace, balance, and abundance.

“Since I was a child I perceived myself as a healer, a caregiver, a protector of hearts. I wanted to reach out to others, repair their wounds, and comfort their ailing hearts. Life and death is a reality we all must face, but if we can learn to live our lives with an open heart, we can close our eyes, with our last breath, knowing we lived our lives in richness.”
– Jan Campbell RN, CPT

*I understand that My Life is My Choice, and I now choose wisely.

*I am able to create my life through a complete integration of a whole and healthy being spiritually, emotionally and physically.

*It is my life, and I choose peace, harmony, and happiness.

*I choose Self-Love, and I choose to pass Love on.


Open Heart, Your Life Your Choice is a comprehensive guide for those looking for wellness spiritually, emotionally and physically. It covers many topics leading towards complete healing, self-love and inner peace. It was written from a place of compassion and empathy with a touch of ‘tough love’. It is for those, Campbell says, “who are willing to say ‘no more’ to habitual patterns that have led to negative life situations. I continuously remind my readers that it is their Life and their Choice. They have put themselves in whatever situation they find themselves and now have the ability to take responsibility and make healthier choices leading towards their own happiness”.

Campbell’s easy-to-use self-help book shows how anyone can create spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. It comes not only from her shared experience but though her work as an open heart surgical nurse and personal trainer. Throughout Open Heart, Your Life Your Choice, Campbell provides questions that aid readers in their own process of self-discovery, as well as positive affirmations and guided visualizations to help men and women move toward life goals, the realization of dreams, and the building of a positive vision for the future.


May I introduce to you my book entitled Open Heart, Your Life Your Choice. This book was written with love and an Open Heart with the hopes that it will have the ability to touch and open the hearts and minds of those who read it. There may be many who are wandering through life today feeling closed, hurt, unlovable and unable to find their way out of their current negative life situations. It is my hope that this book may bring to you the answers you are looking for. In my book I include a chapter telling my story Out of Darkness into Light. By sharing my story with gripping details, my vulnerability and honesty promotes trust and encourages you to open your hearts to the rest of the material being offered. My book then takes you on a journey of self discovery and empowerment encouraging emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. I create an atmosphere of trust and then turn the stage over to you, the reader, as I create a road map offering ways to bring more peace, balance, harmony and love into your lives and hand you back your power.

Open Heart, Your Life Your Choice offers hope, inspiration and guidance fueled through my own self-discovery and life triumphs. It offers love and understanding and is written in an easy to read ‘sit down and have coffee together’ format. The book empowers you to make healthy and positive changes in your life through changing your thoughts, actions and choices and guides you towards your own inner strength empowered through your self-love. It puts you, the reader, back in charge of your own destiny and brings to the forefront that your life is your choice.

I invite you to browse through the different topics and drop down menus available on this site. Each topic discussed is derived from chapters in my book. A more detailed explanation of each topic will be available within the book itself, guiding you on your own personal journey of self discovery towards creating more spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.

May Your Life and Your Choice guide you towards Self-Love and Inner Peace.

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